The final total – steps & distance

Not only have I been taking photos of my step counter on a nightly basis, I’ve also been jotting down my daily steps on the calendar and the mileage in my notebook. So after a couple of quick calculations here’s the final total of my efforts over the thirty days of the challenge – 336,151 steps and 66.5 miles, which is almost as far as from home to Llangollen in North Wales.
Step challenge June 2017 143
The final total
That’s an awful lot of steps, and all done in memory of Michael’s dad. It was emotionally very difficult to see his health steadily decline in just a few months as the oesophageal cancer took hold, so when I signed up to do the challenge and found that I could specify which ‘branch’ of cancer research the money would go to that was the one I chose. Although the amount I’ll have raised will be a drop in the ocean compared to what other people will have raised I hope that in some small way it will help to better diagnose, treat and maybe eventually cure the type of cancer Michael’s dad had. And would I do it all again? Yes, of course I would if it was for a good cause, but I think I’ll have a rest first!

Days 29 & 30

The weather on Day 29 wasn’t the best, there was fine drizzle in the morning and grey cloud during the afternoon but I still took my own dogs out, and my step count was boosted quite well by taking my friend’s dog out separately. Day 30 was totally manic, and a combination of going to the vet’s, walking halfway along the incredibly long main corridor at the local hospital, working and dog walking ensured that the final day of the challenge ended with a really good step count which was well over the 10,000 target.
Step challenge June 2017 009
Day 29
Step challenge June 2017 135
Day 30 – the final day
So there you have it, 30 days of counting steps. Though some days haven’t been easy, especially those when the weather hasn’t been too clever, I’ve reached and passed my 10,000 target every day. I don’t know how many steps I’ve actually done in the last thirty days as I haven’t added them all up, but I will do soon and I’ll write a follow-up post with the final total. Until then, I think I’ll put my feet up for a short while!

Days 27 & 28

Day 27 was another busy one and a combination of work, dog walks and assisting Michael with various things made sure that at the end of the evening I was over my target by a reasonable amount. Work-wise Day 28 wasn’t as busy and by 9pm I still had over 4,000 steps to do, but a very pleasant dog walk in the last of the late evening sunshine made sure that I managed to scrape over my target by just over 300 steps.
Step challenge June 2017 127
Day 27
Step challenge June 2017 131
Day 28

Days 25 & 26

Certain circumstances meant that Day 25 was all a bit of a muddle and I wasn’t sure if I would manage to hit my daily quota, but weather-wise it had been a nice day so I finally managed to take the dogs for a very pleasant early evening walk in the sunshine and I managed to get just over my target. Day 26 was very much the same and I only just about scraped over the target 10,000 but at least I got there even if it wasn’t by much.
Step challenge June 2017 123
Day 25
Step challenge June 2017 022
Day 26


Days 23 & 24

After a week of glorious weather Day 23 started wet, miserable and much cooler than of late, though by early afternoon it was fine with short intermittent bursts of sunshine. Work-wise it was the busiest day of the week for me, especially at my evening job, so a greater proportion of my steps were done while at work and a short evening dog walk took my daily total to just over the target.
Step challenge June 2017 001
Day 23
Day 24 started off fine but dull, though by lunch time it had brightened up and the sun appeared a few times during the afternoon. A quick trip into town turned out longer than I’d intended as I couldn’t find what I’d gone for and had to look in several shops spread over a large area so I racked up the steps without realising it, and with the evening dog walk I was well over my daily quota so the little man in the corner was very happy.
Step challenge June 2017 119
Day 24
Copy of 1 week to go badge

Days 21 & 22

Day 21 wasn’t quite as hot as the previous days but it was still very warm so again the bulk of the dog walking was kept to the evening when it was cooler. Day 22 was sunny with a refreshing breeze which made things much more pleasant; it was also my last morning for looking after Aphra so I took her for a nice walk up to the Blue Lagoon and back then in the afternoon I took my own two over to my local park and back. Both walks plus my steps at work took me just over my daily target so I was happy with that.
Step challenge June 2017 107
Day 21
Step challenge June 2017 111
Day 22

Days 19 & 20

Day 19 was another hot and humid day and every exertion made me feel like I was melting. With no work to go to until late afternoon, and as a rest after the previous day’s long walk, I decided to take it easy with the dog walking so I stuck to local walks with my own two and Aphra, and by the end of the day I’d only done just over the target. Weather-wise Day 20 was very much the same so I kept the main dog walk until the evening when it was just a bit cooler.
Step challenge June 2017 099
Day 19
Step challenge June 2017 103
Day 20